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Thanks everyone for joining us for a virtual #NoRuKo unconference!

About #NoRuKo

#NoRuKo is a virtual mini-conference filling a bit of the void all the cancelled and postponed events created. The name is a play on the biggest European Ruby Conference, "EuRuKo", which we organized last year. It's been quiet in the Ruby world in terms of online events, with a few (great!!) exceptions.

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Yukihiro Matsumoto

Creator of Ruby

Penelope Phippen

Director at rubycentral.org

Allison McMillan

Director of Engineering, GitHub

Tetiana Chupryna

Backend Engineer, GitLab

Tom de Bruijn

Developer, AppSignal

Miriam Tocino

Dev, Author Zerus & Ona

Julik Tarkhanov

Lead Engineer, WeTransfer

Victor Shepelev

Principal Developer, Verbit.ai

Siân Griffin

Co lead crates.io team

Ali Ilman

Full-Stack Developer, Suria Labs

Phil Nash

Developer Evangelist, Twilio

Kir Shatrov

Engineering Lead, Shopify

Amr Abdelwahab

Lead Software Engineer, Tourlane

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#NoRuKo took place Friday 21st of August.

All times are in CEST (Central European Summer Time, UTC +02:00).

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Main track

15:15 Ruby3 and beyond
by Yukihiro Matsumoto
Ruby3 is coming! The creator of the language himself explains what is coming with Ruby3. In addition, what will happen after Ruby3.0!
16:00 Building Rubyfmt
by Penelope Phippen
In this talk I'll discuss Rubyfmt, a work in progress Ruby autoformatter. Why I'm building it, and how it differs from Rubocop, the closest similar tool that you might be familiar with. I'll get deep in to the weeds on some of the technical challenges of building a system like this, and what the overall goals for the project are.
16:45 Ruby + OpenGL = infinite abilities
by Tetiana Chupryna
In this talk we’ll explore what can we create using Ruby and OpenGL. We’ll talk about drawing pictures, designing animations and building interfaces. You’ll learn about the basics of OpenGL and eventually, how you can build your own game engine.
17:30 Panel part 1
Penelope and Tetiana talk through the first part of the day, with the NoRuKo hosts.
18:00 Break / Musical intermezzo by Jan Krutisch
18:30 Git is about communication
by Tom de Bruijn
Git is about talking to your team. It’s about talking to yourself, from the future. What about that colleague who hasn’t even joined the team yet? Yes, them too. But how to be "good at Git"?
19:15 Everything is 🔥fine🔥
by Allison McMillan
Working during a global pandemic offers unique challenges. Parents, in particular, are facing a world of new responsibilities resulting in burn out, information overload, and other COVID side effects. The only question is what will break first… parents or the way we work?
20:00 Sleeping on the job
by Julik Tarkhanov & Kir Shatrov
We all love our Sidekiq’s and our Resque’s. But they do let us down sometimes. Not because they are bad, but because the queueing theory is limiting us. There is a way to break out of the madness though - let’s explore how to get our job queues under control.
20:45 Panel part 2
Tom, Julik and Kir talk through the second part of the day, with the NoRuKo hosts.
21:15 Afterparty / #Quaraoke (virtual karaoke)

Community track

15:15 See the main track
16:00 Fantastic Passwords and Where to Find Them
by Phil Nash
The humble password is broken. The internet is littered with poor security practices and password breaches, but the world is not ready to go password free yet. So what can we do to protect our users? Let's take a look at how we currently protect passwords, at what we can throw away from those processes and what we can bring in to help strengthen our users' passwords. We'll investigate the tools, practices and APIs that can help us in this endeavour. Together we can move the world from *password1* to *correct horse battery staple* and beyond!
16:45 Type Checking with Sorbet
by Ali Ilman
If you enjoy building projects using TypeScript, you probably wish you could build Ruby projects with a type checker. I've been in that boat! Recently, I stumbled upon Sorbet, a well-maintained type checker for Ruby. In this talk, we'll take a look at how we can use Sorbet.
17:30 The struggle for better documentation (for Ruby itself)
by Victor Shepelev
Ruby is known to be "complex language for writing simple code" and "designed to make programmers happy". Yet while those principles are fully embodied in the language spirit and logic, the documentation is traditionally more problematic, especially for newcomers who are already programming-literate and expect a quick and deep dive. Let's talk about several aspects of language and standard library documentation, its history, current state, and the future, expectations it should ideally meet and some unfortunate road bumps.
18:00 Break / Musical intermezzo by Jan Krutisch
18:30 Learning Empathy From Pokemon Blue
by Sian Griffin
Have you ever looked at a bug and wondered why it actually happens? It's easy to chalk it up to sloppy coding but that's almost never the case. In this talk we'll be dissecting a exploit from Pokemon Blue known as the "Missingno" glitch. We'll look at the details of each of the seemingly random bugs behind this exploit. We'll look at why these bugs happened, and the lessons we can apply to our Ruby code more than 20 years later.
19:15 Zerus & Ona: A warm welcome to the world of computers
by Miriam Tocino
Miriam Tocino shares the idea behind Zerus & Ona — her unique book series designed to get young children excited about technology through the power of books.
20:00 Dockerization in the land of Ruby
by Amr Abdelwahab
Whether you have never seen a dockerfile in your life or you have been working on a daily basis with docker in different environments, join this talk to learn some tips and tricks on improving your docker setup all the way from development to live environments passing through continuous integration.
20:45 See the panel on the main track
21:15 Afterparty / #Quaraoke (virtual karaoke)
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Brought to you by the team behind EuRuKo 2019 Rotterdam, Amsterdam.rb and Rails Girls NL.

Rayta van Rijswijk

Developer / community org

Floor Drees

DevRel PM, Microsoft

Tom de Bruijn

Developer, AppSignal

Arno Fleming

Tech lead, The Next Closet

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